Aspen - Climbing Rope Dog Leash (Handmade)

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New Arrival!

The Climbing Rope Dog Leash in Our Attractive "Aspen" Design

Our climbing rope dog leash is named after Aspen Mountain. We named is Aspen, because we feel its cool color-way speaks to the snow found on the world-class ski area of Aspen.

These beautiful leashes are assembled by hand, therefore,  each rope leash has its own unique characteristic "imperfections". Hand-constructed out of quality hardware and products to assure a long-lasting rope leash for your furry friend.

Bark Luv worked hard in finding the right color-ways and patterns for our rope dog leashes. The climber's rope used in this leash is a strong rope, making it a great option for dogs of all sizes and builds.

Our carabiner clip will securely clasp onto your dog's collar or harness. The carabiner has an optional screw-lock feature that will help secure the clasp shut and prevent it from opening unintentionally.

When designing our leash the goal was to achieve a stylish and minimalistic look. We added a quality heat shrink tube to neatly tuck away and keep everything in place. Our climbing rope dog leashes uses a thick marine grade rubber heat shrink tubing with built-in adhesive properties. We believe using this type of heat shrink will help provide a more assured seal over the hardware and loose rope ends. The rope dog leash is made with an extra large looped handle and comes equipped with a chrome ring that is perfect for attaching a dog waste dispenser.

Bark Luv has thought of everything with this beautiful rope dog leash. We created this climber's rope dog leash with durability, functionality, and style in mind.

Product Info:

  • Approximately 6-7 ft. long
  • Hefty Carabiner with Optional Screw Lock Feature 
  • Durable Hardware
  • Strong Climbing Rope
  • Chrome Ring Equipped on Handle for Attachments
  • Tough Marine Grade Rubber Heat Shrink Tubing with Adhesive

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