Chef Spike the Hedgehog - Plush Dog Toy with Squeakers

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A Great Squeaker Dog Toy for Squeaker Lovers

This adorable hedgehog is a fun plushie toy for your dog. If your pup is a squeaker lover, Chef Spike will not disappoint and will provide hours of enjoyment. This cute plush dog toy includes a squeaker and crinkle bottle in the body and another squeaker located in the chef hat. The dual squeakers and crinkle bottle makes Chef Spike one of the greatest dog squeaky toys.

The adorable design of Chef Spike the Hedgehog makes him a cute presence no matter where your dog last left him.

Product Information:

  • Perfect for light to medium chewers.
  • Noise maker combo with built in crinkle paper and a squeaker located in the body  and a second squeaker located in the chef’s hat. 
  • Great for tossing as the weight and overall shape of Chef Spike makes it an ideal dog plush toy for tossing and fetching. It’s not going to replace a tennis or rubber ball, but it’s a great toy plushie that will throw far.

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