Hooper Design - Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

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Cute Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

The Hooper dog treat jar is a wonderful canister with a stylish design. This dog treat container is made from a hefty, FDA-approved ceramic. This ceramic treat jar is a fantastic storage solution for your furry friend's yummy snacks. The colorful Hooper dog treat jar is perfect for the pet lovers that enjoy adorning their home with beautiful decor. This dog treat canister has a breathable bamboo lid, aerating food and enhancing freshness. The silicone makes an airtight seal, keeping contents fresh, while blocking moisture, contaminants, and pests.


  • Measures 6-1/2 in tall by 4 in wide with a 32 oz capacity
  • Vibrant visual design - Vivid and glossy exterior
  • Keeps food dry and fresh
  • Crafted from 100% FDA-approved ceramic, silicone, and sustainably-sourced bamboo; imported
  • Main canister is dishwasher-safe; hand wash the bamboo lid then towel dry