Nap Hard Play Hard - Dog Tag

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‘Nap Hard, Play Hard’ collar charm and Pet ID tag

This Pet ID Tag pays tribute to the life of a dog. After all your dog does live the good life, and your dog lives it every single day. Wake up, nap, chase squirrels, nap again, nap hard, dog park, nap! Your dog literally doesn’t know how not to live this life.

Free engraving! Add your dog's name and your contact information for a pet ID tag.

Engraving Information:

Make sure to include engraving details in the 'Engraving Details' text box. All details will be engraved to best match your submissionSeparate the lines using /

Example: (Dog's Name / Owner's Name / Phone Number)

Product Details:

Dimensions: 1.125 Inch diameter (28.58mm)

Material: Brass, Gold Plating, and Soft Enamel