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‘Rose’ Collar Charm and Pet ID Tag

This is classic collar charm is perfect for the pup who brightens up your day. Your delicate little flower should be showered with love, and who doesn’t love to get flowers? Also makes for a classy look if your dog is walking down the aisle on a wedding day! Spread the love with the ‘Rose’ Pet ID Tag.

Free engraving! Add your dog's name and your contact information for a pet ID tag.

Engraving Information:

Make sure to include engraving details in the 'Engraving Details' text box. All details will be engraved to best match your submissionSeparate the lines using /

Example: (Dog's Name / Owner's Name / Phone Number)

Product Details:

Dimensions: 1.125 Inch x 0.9 Inch diameter (28.58 mm x 23.2 mm)

Material: Brass, Gold Plating, and Soft Ename