Triple Paw Design - Handmade Ceramic Dog Bowls

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Lovely Handmade Dog Bowls in a beautiful Triple Paw Design 

These charming dog bowls are carefully crafted one at a time by hand. Unlike the typical mass-produced product, each of these ceramic dog bowls are one of a kind. The handcrafting process makes each bowl unique in its own way, and no two are exactly alike. 

We celebrate the slight imperfection and unique variations of each bowl. We feel this only adds to the elegance and appreciation one gets from handcrafted pottery. Each piece is meticulously made by hand with attention to detail, however please note that the dog bowls may vary slightly from the image portrayed. 

Product Information:


  • Diameter: Approximately 6 inches
  • Diameter: Approximately 8 inches
  • Diameter: Approximately 10 inches
*Please note:
Since these products are handmade, the final product might be slightly different from the photos.